What is web services vs API?

In today’s digital world, it is increasingly important for businesses to understand the nuances of how web services and APIs function. Both are utilized to transfer data between applications, but the means by which they do so differ significantly. It is essential to comprehend the distinction between web services and APIs in order to maximize efficiency when exchanging data.

What are Web Services?
Web services are an application type which can be accessed over the internet in order to exchange data with other applications. They employ a protocol named Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) which usually utilizes an XML format for message exchange. This format gives structure to the message, making it more straightforward for the receiving application to interpret its contents. Web service interactions occur over a network which is not connected to either application, such as a public or private cloud.

What are APIs?
An API (Application Programming Interface) is akin to a web service but utilizes different protocols and standards than web services. An API usually uses Representational State Transfer (REST) as its protocol which is built on HTTP requests and responses. The messages traded between applications using an API do not possess any specific structure as they are

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