Which country has most web developers?

The global web development industry is flourishing, with jobs in this field projected to increase by nearly 20 percent by 2028. Many are curious to know which country has the most web developers. This article will answer that question and provide an overview of the current state of web development around the world.

Web development is a broad term that involves coding websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other languages; designing websites; optimizing websites for search engine rankings; and troubleshooting any issues that arise with existing websites. The global web development industry is estimated to be worth more than $160 billion and is expected to keep expanding in the coming years.

According to the 2019 Global Developer Population report from Evans Data Corporation, India holds the highest number of web developers in the world – 4 million professionals. China comes in second place with 2 million web developers, followed by the United States (1.7 million), Russia (846 thousand), Germany (490 thousand), Brazil (448 thousand), Japan (420 thousand), France (410 thousand), United Kingdom (396 thousand), Canada (364 thousand) and Spain (273 thousand).

India and China account for almost half of all web developers worldwide while Europe houses just over one-third of all professionals in this field. However, certain countries such as France have seen great growth due to government initiatives encouraging digital transformation among businesses. On the other hand, Russia has experienced a rise in demand for experienced web developers due to investment from international corporations.

In conclusion, India has the most web developers globally followed by China and then the United States while Europe is home to just over one-third of all professionals in this field. Other countries such as France and Russia are seeing remarkable growth rates due largely to government initiatives or increased investment from international companies seeking access to talented professionals at lower costs than those found elsewhere.

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