Is PHP still used for web development?

PHP has been a popular choice for web development since its initial release in 1995. Over the years, other technologies such as Node.js, Python and Ruby have emerged to challenge its dominance. But is PHP still used for web development? The answer is yes – PHP is still one of the most widely used server-side programming language on the web today, with 79% of all websites utilizing it according to W3Techs.

One reason why PHP remains so popular is due to its wide range of features and capabilities – it is an open source scripting language which makes it easy to create dynamic and interactive web pages, supports multiple databases such as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL, and offers various libraries and frameworks that provide developers with access to useful functions for developing complex applications quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, PHP is platform independent which allows for effortless deployment across different operating systems without any compatibility issues. It also provides ample security features such as encryption algorithms which help protect sensitive data from being accessed by hackers or malicious users. Finally, many hosting providers offer support for PHP making it easier for developers to get their projects up and running quickly.

Overall, while other technologies have emerged over the years offering new ways of building websites and applications, PHP continues to remain one of the most popular choices due to its wide range of features, scalability and ease of use – making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to develop websites or applications using a reliable scripting language.

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